Siberian Caviar 250g

Location: Pandino in Lombardy, Italy south of Milan

Process: For over 30 years, Adamas has been perfecting their craft by breeding and raising Sturgeon at their farm in Lombardy. They use an open system sourcing pristine water from their aquifers as well as the nearby Tormo river. The water only cycles the system once and they take great care to ensure the water leaving is at the same quality as our drinking water. They utilize solar power for 100% of their energy needs on their farm as well as feeding their stock non-GMO feed. We have chosen to work with their Siberian Sturgeon which can take up to 9 years to reach sexual maturity. At this point, the eggs are harvested and are cured in the ‘malossol’ (Russian for little salt) tradition. After the salt is added and packed into original tins, we get it here in Duxbury, MA.

How it tastes: The beads are emerald in color and consistent in shape with a beautiful individual pop when pressed on the roof on your mouth. The flavor is well-balanced with a kiss of mushrooms, delicate sea salt and a clothbound cheddar cheese goodness on the finish (just trust us with this one...). The caviar is refined (like the Italians who make it!) and we are obsessed with its fresh butter finish that makes us want to eat it straight out of the tin!

Why it's unique: This region is the one of the best for caviar production in Europe due to the pristine water sources coming from the Alps and natural aquifers. On another note, we hear this is Mariah Carey’s favorite caviar. Just saying...

Story: Matteo Giovannini founded his Sturgeon breeding program in 1988. Proceeded by his father in the 1950s with a trout farm, this has always been a family tradition. Like many Sturgeon farmers, the catalyst for harvesting these fish was due to the overfishing of many of these species have encountered in the last half of the twentieth century. Matteo now farms over 10 species of Sturgeon.


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