Mr. Roboto, Shucker

  • Mr. Roboto, Shucker
  • Mr. Roboto, Shucker
  • Mr. Roboto, Shucker

Q: Why do anything if you can make a robot do it for you instead?  

A: Because they take over the world.  Every time.

We like Mr. Roboto because he makes us feel great--we shuck better, we crack lobster better, everybody wins.  And because he has no legs, thumbs, central motherboard, or firearms, he will have a hard time subjugating even the weakest among us.

The dual function Mr. Roboto Shucker both opens oysters as well as cracks lobster or crab shells. By using compound leverage (his word, not ours) the oyster is opened by inserting Robo's spike into the oyster's hinge and popping it open using slow downward pressure so a knife can be inserted to cut the abductor muscle. Cracking crab and lobster parts is done by utilizing the raised studded shelf and Robo's long stainless steel lever.


  • For safety there is a built-in stop that limits spike travel. 
  • Made of polished, marine-grade stainless steel tubing, locking stainless-steel fasteners and anodized aluminum frame which are all dishwasher safe. 
  • The base is marine-grade polyethylene with non-skid feet. 
  • Spike is hardened stainless steel and is replaceable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lovingly made in Norwell, Massachusetts (right near Duxbury!)


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