Olasagasti "Ready-to-Eat" Tuna Trio

This package contains three tins: Olasagasti Tuna Fillets with Onions, Olasagasti Tuna Fillets with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Tuna Fillets with White Bean. Three very different recipes here all utilizing lomo (tenderloin) of tuna. One, a brilliant take on puttanesca, thanks to high quality olives and tomatoes, the next a literal french onion soup in a tin with sweet onion and madena vinegar, and the last a comforting chicken soup with beans and a variety of chopped veggies. Sounds crazy? It IS crazy! You need to try these. When tasting, our team was blown away by how delicious and successful these were and vowed to have at least one with us at all times for that random unannounced guest (or okay, in our car starving) so we could be healthy, happy and tres chic.

At our Raw Bars in Duxbury, MA and Portland, ME we go through epic numbers of tinned fish. We aren't sure who eats more, our guests or our employees (cue late night negroni and tinned fish session). This is the first time we are offering the whole spread on-line as there is perhaps no better product for this time. These things are sustainable, healthy, easy to prep, made and manufactured by small businesses, and let's face it, they look really cool all stacked up in your pantry. They’ll be there waiting for you as the perfect addition to a lazy lunch on a summer Saturday with a glass of wine; the centerpiece of your next picnic; or a way to class up your virtual cocktail hour. 

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