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Package: Sardines

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Only available for delivery until September 5th. 

This package features two dozen Island Creek Oysters and three different tinned fish possibilities because we couldn't decide on just one. Choose your own adventure!

For $75 you get two dozen oysters and our three favorite sardines: Ramon Peña sardines in sauce, Jose Gourmet sardines with lemon and garlic and Ramon Peña sardines in olive oil. These bear ZERO resemblance to the oily, fishy supermarket tins you have have had in the past thanks to the freshness of the fish and the excellent olive oil. Tender, light and bright - these are delicate and versatile.

For $75 you get two dozen oysters and three of our favorite tunas (including two brand new varieties!): Olagasati bonito del norte in olive oil, Olagasati yellow fin in olive oil and Olagasati yellow fin ventresca (belly!) These are meaty, tender and mild. Winning the adorable packaging awards by a mile, they are simply delicious and easy to love.

For $95 you get two dozen oysters and three of our favorite cephalopods: Ramon Peña octopus in olive oil, Jose Gourmet octopus with olive oil and garlic and Jose Gourmet calamari in ragout. The octopus is our most popular tinned fish, gorgeous to look at and consume. Come for the octo but stay for the calamari - that's the sleeper hit - stuffed with rice, with a touch of clove and bay leaf, it is as satisfying as a full on meal.