Howland's Landing Oysters from Duxbury, MA


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Size: 50 Count

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Farmer: Bill Driver

Location: Kingston Bay, Duxbury, MA, CCB43MA

How they’re grown: Around the corner from the ICO grants, these oysters live south of Standish Shore right off Howland’s Landing. This area is technically Kingston Bay, but is all landed in one of the oldest historical shipyards of Duxbury. Driver uses the rack and bag method, but after a year puts them on the sandy bottom. He then hand harvests his crop so that it is never touched by anyone but Billy himself.

How they taste: You'll find these are similar to Island Creeks, but sweeter than both the Rocky Nooks and ICOs. They taste of a fresh water farm site, but still maintain trace elements of salt. They give a savory burst up front followed by an incredibly sweet finish. The shells are strong and resilient.

Why they’re unique: Driver’s lease is flanked by Duxbury conservation land and only steps away from the famous Pilgrim, Myles Standish’s, homestead!

Size: Selects (2.5”)

Story: Bill Driver is a longtime rogue-Duxbury non-ICO shellfisherman, wearer of baja jackets, and master bossa nova guitarist. He has been known to forage a number different gems from the sea in addition to his beautiful oysters, including sea-beans, seaweed and anything else he can dig up and convince us to carry. Bill takes a lot of pride in not over-crowding or over-harvesting his oysters. This is evident in their consistently high quality.