Fortune Oysters from Nova Scotia, Canada


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Farmer: Brian Fortune

Location: Nova Scotia, CAN

Size: 2.5"-3"

How they’re grown:  Seed is caught and collected naturally and raised in a nursery before mature seed gets transferred to one of several sites for its final grow out.  The oysters will grow in rugged, rocky coves for 3-5 years, acquiring their unique flavor characteristics from the super cold, clean, North Atlantic waters.

How they taste: Brian loves to eat ‘em as-is, but dabbles in a squeeze of lime every now and then. They remind us of a shot of tequila…which also goes great with lime, amirite? The flavor is reminiscent of the cold waters they come from - salty, vegetal, bright & clean! 

Why they’re unique:  Fortune Oysters are grown on 1250 acres of leases across Wine Harbour and Whitehead, Nova Scotia.  Due to the vastness of Canada’s eastern coastline, they’re spread across so much territory that to visit all the sites and constantly be connected to his oysters and crew, Brian pilots his own helicopter as transportation!

Story: Prior to farming oysters, Brian was a pioneer in the mussel industry on PEI, having founded North America’s largest mussel growing operation back in the late 80s.  And because “small scale” isn’t in his vocabulary, after selling his mussel grants, he secured a massive 1200+ acres of oyster leases and dove headfirst into oyster farming.  For reference, as of 2021, Massachusetts has about 1300 acres of shellfish leases total…so traveling via helicopter makes a little more sense, eh?