"Eat Oysters" Hoodie

  • "Eat Oysters" Hoodie
  • "Eat Oysters" Hoodie

Widely considered the most exciting addition to the ICO Gear line in some time, the "Eat Oysters" Hoodie is essentially the cotton version of the rubber, Grunden foul weather gear worn by our farmers a few hundred days each year (these sweatshirts are at their best sporting the patina of a few seasons spent on the water).  While exuding the sartorial sophistication that you've come to expect from the Duxbury Bay contingent, our new hoodie is straight and to the point: "Eat Oysters".  Now you can look great and spread the bivalve gospel all at the same time.

Front: "Eat Oysters" (weathered)

Back: ICO circle logo (weathered)

Sleeve: 3" culling ring

Hood: CCB-45-MA (Division of Marine Fisheries harvest location for Duxbury Bay)

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