"Made in Duxbury" Long Sleeve

  • "Made in Duxbury" Long Sleeve
  • "Made in Duxbury" Long Sleeve

When people ask where we're from, we generally respond "God's country".  The response around the greater Cape Cod/ South Shore area is usually, "Oh, Deluxe-bury" accompanied by a knowing eye roll. 

All jokes aside, we consider ourselves wildly lucky that one of the best places to grow oysters in the world also happens to be one of the most beautiful little towns in America.  One of our core values that is written down and hanging in our office is "To run a business that the town of Duxbury can be proud of".  This t-shirt has been a long time coming for those who live here and for those who just believe in what it represents.

Made in Duxbury on the front.  The Marine Fisheries harvest location number for Duxbury Bay (CCB-45-MA) on the sleeve.  ICO logo on the back.  Wear it with pride!


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