Crowe's Pasture Oysters

Farmer Gary and Mary Sawayer
Quivet Neck Beach, Dennis, MA

How they’re grown 
This crew does not need a boat to access their grant In the sandy open water of Cape Cod Bay, they can just ride out there in a truck!
Trucks do not float, so these can only be harvested at low tide. Don’t worry, with a farm crew of 4-6 full time employees they can cram a lot of oyster harvesting into a small window of time! Everything is grown off the bottom in elevated trays and tumbled periodically throughout their 3 year grow out. Oysters are removed from the farm in the winter months because of the threats of ice and freezing temperatures and over-wintered in a storage shed before being returned in the water in March.

How they taste 
A burst of salty ocean water upfront mellows to some nice sweet vegetal notes (carrots, anyone?) and a hint of cream. Opaque meat and a firm texture round out the perfect petite package.

Why they’re unique
 In a town of 32 farms, this 8 year old venture is on the smaller side, even by boutique standards—clocking in at a single acre border-
ing their namesake Crowes Pasture Conservation Area. These are a limited seasonal offering, we only wish they were available year round!

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