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White Sturgeon Caviar 30g + 2 Dozen Oysters

Similar to our approach with oysters, we’re here to make caviar as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our promise is to be 100% transparent so you can trace these eggs from your table to the source.

Who makes it: Sterling Caviar Farms in Eleverta, CA

Why we love it: Balanced, Buttery - but less like a chardonnay and more like a mushroom or a fresh farm egg. Nutty, but not bitter, rich like anything that will give you gout.  Tender but has a nice resistance to pressure. 

Why it’s unique: Sterling Farms White Sturgeon Caviar is from - you guessed it - the white sturgeon (Acipenser Transmontanus), which is native to the rivers of Northern California. Sterling Farms were the first in America to raise Sturgeon, so they have been the backbone of the domestic caviar scene. We have a close relationship with the farm and here’s what we saw when we visited: kind and earnest farmers, smart and established systems and an eye for the art of caviar making.

Combined with 24 of our flagship Island Creek Oysters (selects) grown here in Duxbury Bay and we don't think it gets much better.

30g serves 2-4 people

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