Buttermilk Bay Oysters from Bourne, MA (Large size)


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Size: 50 count

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Farmer: Bruce Silverbrand

Location: Buttermilk Bay, Bourne, MA

Size: Large (3”)

How They’re Grown: There is a lot of hard work and labor put into these oysters. They are grown as babies in mesh bags in cages on the bay’s floor. They are scrubbed and tumbled once a week until they are bottom planted.

How They Taste: a salty blast of cape cod ocean up front, followed by complex miso umami on the finish.

Why They’re Unique: This farm is a serious comeback! Due to the digging of the Bourne canal, local shellfishing was brought to a halt from the excess silt in the water. In the late 1980s, Bruce was able to finally get his farm started, but first with quahogs.

Story: He began farming clams and moved on to HASO – his Heart & Soul Oysters (the name of his oyster farm). He hopes to turn the farm eventually over to his 2 daughters, Sabrina and Samantha. Samantha is even pursuing a degree in Marine Biology! Bruce is a first-generation farmer but his mother tried to start an oyster farm forty-some years ago and the local town did not let her. We are pretty glad Bruce finally got approval to farm oysters and we look forward to seeing his daughters take over the family business!