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Beach Plum Oysters from Westport, MA

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Farmer: Kerian Fennelly

Location: Westport, MA

How They’re Grown: Beach Plums are nursuried in upwellers in the brackish flow of the Westport River until being transferred to floating bags at one inch in size. Up until this stage the bags are rotated and flipped daily to eliminate biofouling and keep the shells strong. Oysters are then brought to the deep water farm at the mouth of Buzzards Bay. They will complete their grow out in tower cages suspended 10’ below the surface where they are constantly pounded by ocean swells.

How They Taste: High salt with a mild mineral finish

Why They’re Unique: Kerian operates the only two commercial oyster farms in Westport. Altogether, he has 78 acres, only 10 of which is currently being farmed---so plenty of room to grow! Beach Plums are named for the Rosa Rugosas (a.k.a. beach plums) that cover the sand dunes and flower in Westport in June. Mark your calendars, sounds like a great time to visit.

Size: 2.5”

Story: Kerian is Westport born and bred. While studying aquaculture in college, he bought a 35’ lobster boat and thought he had plan---to fish and trap the waters where he grew up. Between chasing the catch further and further offshore and the constant flux in prices, he decided it was time for a change. He knew Seth Garfield of Cuttyhunk Oysters and was inspired by the success he was having on the water-- the rest as they say, is history.