Sterling Two Color White Sturgeon Caviar 50G + 50 Row 34 Oysters


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Sterling Two Color White Sturgeon Caviar 50G

Introducing Two Color White Sturgeon Caviar from Sterling Farms. This is a rare grade of a caviar with the most perfect taste. We are so excited to offer it here! Why is it called two-color? When harvested, the beads are a very clear mix of yellow/green and grey/black. No one is absolutely sure why this is the case, but it occurs infrequently. The farm then cures and sets it aside to age for three months. While the color differentiation mellows a bit during the curing process, the flavor gets ridiculous. It brings to mind the lightest, savory qualities of white miso or enoki mushrooms. If you have had our caviar before, it sits comfortably between the bolder White Sturgeon (the same fish but a different grade and age) and the lighter Osetra on the flavor spectrum.

ROW 34 Oysters (50)

Farmer:  Skip Bennett

Location: Duxbury, MA 

Size: Small to Medium in size under 3"

Farming Technique:  Despite being grown right next to the Island Creeks, these oysters are quite a bit different. A very special oyster with an interesting backstory that also inspired our Boston and Portsmouth restaurants. 

Skip’s Bennett's first “pivot” from his original Island Creek Oysters. Skip has always grown the Island Creek seed (baby oysters) in off-bottom gear before bottom planting them at about 6 months old. Five years ago--in an attempt to show the 'hand of the grower' in the final product--Skip decided to leave the 34th row in the trays for the whole grow-out process. Hence the name Row 34’s.

Unique Factor: They are unique in that they grow right next to the Island Creek Oysters, yet never touch the bottom of the Bay, and actually taste different. A perfect example of merroir and of the innovation happening in our industry.  These oysters were so good we named a restaurant after them.

Tasting notes: The Row 34’s are a bit cleaner than the Island Creeks. Still briny, but less vegetal, earthy flavors because they are not bottom planted. Clean, crisp with mineral notes. A splash of saltwater.

Salinity:  We'd give these a 5 out of 10 (a touch saltier than the Island Creeks)