Paddlefish Roe 250g

Similar to our approach with oysters, we’re here to make caviar & roe as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our promise is to be 100% transparent so you can trace these eggs from your table to the source. Our latest partnership is with a wild paddlefish fishery in Oklahoma.


Yes, you heard us right - Oklahoma paddlefish. Get ready for your newest obsession!

This roe is delicious - earthy with a light touch that’s accessible and easy to enjoy. Eat it by the spoonful on buttery rolls or, our favorite, on some oysters. If you’re not sure where you stand on fish eggs, paddlefish roe is a simple and fun way to get in the game. Through strict fishing regulations and a well-oiled research program, Oklahoma’s conservation project is monitoring paddlefish species in order to help maintain their natural population. And lucky for everyone, paddlefish roe is a byproduct of that research. The sales of paddlefish roe go directly back into running their research program.

TASTE: Easy savory flavors like fresh mushrooms in a light broth, with a delicate finish

LOOK: Cat’s eye of colors ranging from green to grey eggs, medium size

YOU GET: 250 grams of Fisheries Research Program Oklahoma Paddlefish

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