2 lbs of Razor Clams + 2 Dozen Island Creek Oysters

Please Note: This package is only available for delivery on Friday August 21st. Please select August 21st when prompted before checkout.

Razor Clams! Where do we begin? We have been harvesting, selling and eating razor clams for as long as we have been growing oysters. They have a huge following among chefs but we rarely offer them here because they are hard to pin down - if there's a strong wind or a whiff of rain these tricksters won't come up. We also have various seasons where oyster farmers are too busy to harvest, and they hold most of the leases.

Howeverrrrrr, guys we have them. This week!! 2 dozen Island Creek and 2 lbs of razors for $95. One delivery day only, choose Friday the 21st upon checkout. We don't have that many and are expecting to sell out, but if we do then we know folks are interested and we can bring them back again. Our dream is for this to happen once a month when nature gives us the green light.

A little more about razor clams, they are native to our Bay and serve as a secondary income for many oyster farmers. They can only be harvested on the new and full moons, when the tide is at its lowest. They cant be harvested in the dark, in rain, when the pressure is low, or any other stage in the moon cycle. Their challenge is their reward though, because a literal 30-seconds-a-side on the grill and you have some of the most tender, easy and delicious clams.

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