Malabar Oysters

  • Malabar Oysters
  • Malabar Oysters
  • Malabar Oysters
  • Malabar Oysters

These petite beauties are named after Cape Malabar. "Evil Bars" which stretched into Nantucket Sound, near Barnstable, notorious for sinking ships due to the unpredictable shallow waters. These sand bars were washed away in a storm more than one hundred years ago, but the tales of shipwrecks that occurred there still live on.

Malabar Oysters are grown in Barnstable in a soft-sanded, strong swelling bay. They are grown from seed to adult size in trays and never make contact with the bottom. Clean, smooth shells with deep cups provide the perfect serving tray for their briny flavor and underlying notes of kelp and miso broth.

These oysters are "select" size. They are 2.5" in diameter, which is considerably smaller than our normal Island Creeks (2.75-3").

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