Direct to Chef

Skip delivered his first bag of Island Creek Oysters to the back door of Cambridge’s East Coast Grill back in 2001. At the time, he was simply trying to regain some business in the aftermath of September 11th. But the chefs there appreciated that he’d driven their order all the way up from the waterfront and they asked him to bring more bags the following week. Since then, our Direct-to-Chef program has expanded to include over 60 restaurants in the Boston area and we now have trucks that deliver along the Northeast corridor and down to New York weekly. We also ship overnight directly to restaurants across the country via FedEx. The program has grown up a bit since Skip made his first delivery but our commitment stays the same: fresh product delivered straight to your kitchen within 24 hours of pulling it out of the water. Check out our product list for an idea of what we sell. It changes frequently depending on the tides and growing cycles, so feel free to call us anytime to see what our growers are harvesting this week.

Wholesale Products

Island Creeks, Duxbury, MA (select, regular)
Peter's Points, Onset, MA (petite, regular)
Misty Points, Pope's Bay, VA (petite, regular)
Wellfleets, Wellfleet, MA (petite, regular)
Chathams, Chatham, MA (petite, regular)
Rocky Nooks, Kingston, MA (petite, regular)
Big Rocks, East Dennis, MA (petite, regular)
Moon Shoals, Barnstable, MA (petite, regular)
Beach Points, Barnstable, MA (petite, regular)
Blue Pools, Hama Hama, WA (petite, regular)
Sunken Meadow Gems, Eastham, MA (petite, regular)
Matunucks, Potter's Pond, RI (petite, regular)

Wild Razor Clams, Duxubry, MA 
Wild Countneck Clams, Duxbury, MA 
Wild Topneck Clams, Duxbury, MA


Order Line: 781-934-2028

All local orders must be placed before 10 a.m. for same-day delivery.

New York and National orders must be placed before 3 p.m. for next-day delivery.

General wholesale:

Direct to Chef (Greater Boston):

Direct to Chef (National):