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Wellfleet Oysters from Wellfleet, MA

Farmer: Barbara and Clint Austin, Mike Devasto and a handful of other growers

Location: Wellfleet, MA

Size: A perfectly petite oyster from Wellfleet Ma

Farming Technique: Grown at the mouth of a creek running from a salt pond, these oysters are placed in bags on racks on the bottom for grow-out. Combined with big, fast-moving tides this provides a crisp and clean shot of ocean in every swig.

Unique Factor: Wellfleet is a famous oyster town; however, there are nearly a hundred small growers in Wellfleet and their oysters span the full gamut in terms of quality and taste. Wellfleets are the best at providing an esteemed, notorious and classic New England oyster experience. They are a standby on any oyster platter--like the ex that you just keep coming back to time and again.  They never get old.

Salinity: Wellfleets are well known for their high salinity and their clean, simple finish.

Flavor Notes: High salt with a briny splash of crisp mineral water.

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