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Sweet Neck Oysters from Martha's Vineyard

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Farmer: Jack Blake

Location: Katama Bay, Martha’s Vineyard MA

Size: Selects (2.5")

How They’re Grown: Jack purchases oyster seed and plants the babies indirectly into upwellers. Once they are big enough he uses both the rack and bag process as well as cages. He has 2 very different sites in Katama Bay which works to his advantage. The Bay waters can warm during the summer so his colder, deeper water site allows him to move his oysters and harvest all year long.

How They Taste: These are plump, full-bodied Martha’s Vineyard oysters. They have a balanced brine with a sweet carrot finish.

Why They’re Unique: Jack shares Katama bay with 11 other oyster farmers. Only 1% of Katama Bay is dedicated to shellfish production as upheld by local law. He originally grew Quahog clams and that is where the name of the oysters comes from.

Story: Jack’s story goes way back to 1996. He was growing Quahogs around the same time Skip started to harvest from Duxbury. Jack has been on the local Shellfish Committee for 8 years with 4 of those years as Chairman. Jack has put in his time in the shellfish world and was also a commercial fisherman. He plans to hand over the reins to his good friend Dan who will take over the farm in the years to come.

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