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Ocean Kiss Oysters from New Meadows, Maine

Farmer: Chris Warner

Location: New Meadows River near Bath, ME

Size: 2

How They’re Grown: Seed goes into upwellers in the spring and stays there until it’s time to prepare for winter. As the frigid temperatures approach, the small oysters are put into cages on the bottom of the ocean floor where they will avoid ice and stormy weather. Come March, when a hint of warmth finally arrives, they are brought up to the surface, sorted and put back in bags to finish growing out to market size, at around 16-20 months.

How They Taste: Reliably consistent in size with perfect meat that really fills out the shell. The flavor is the most pleasant, balanced brininess anyone could hope for, like a Maldon Sea Salt crunch on a piece of delicate seaweed.

Why They’re Unique: Because these oysters are planted on the ocean floor, they can be harvested all winter long. Their location provides enough protection from the harsh winters that Maine is known for, but they still get tossed around in heavy winds and strong tidal currents. All this action brings in a ton of nutrients to keep these oysters plump and flavorful.

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