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Mookie Blues from Damariscotta, Maine

Farmer:  Bill Mook

Location: Damariscotta River, Maine

Size: Smaller oyster, round, deep cup 

Farming Technique: Mookie Blues are grown in floating "Oystergro" cages. The cages can be sunk in the winter to avoid ice.

Unique Factor: Bill Mook runs a hatchery, one of the few in New England. They are in control of the entire grow-out process --- as they say, “from petri dish to dinner plate”! Mook Seafarms has been in business for about 32 years and is a strong leader in the industry.

Salinity:  We'd give these an 8 out of 10 (a bit saltier than the Island Creeks) 

Flavor Notes: A strong salty start the eases into a noticeably bready, sweet cucumber finish.


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