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Falcon Enamelware Oyster Serving Set

If you've ever been to our oyster shop in Portland, ME, you may have noticed we love to serve our oysters on a classic enamelware tray. We now FINALLY have Enamelware packages to sell online! We love enamelware because is beautiful and durable. Its simplicity allows the oysters to shine and the depth of the bowl leaves a lot of room for ice, which means less melting. Complete with a pinch pot for mignonette (or, ahem, cocktail sauce - you do you) and a shucking towel with an embroidered culling ring. You'll find these sets in the kitchens of most of our staff members for good reason. They're perfect. Enjoy!

You Get:

1x Enamelware Round Tray - 10¼" Diameter, 2¼" Depth

1x Pinch Pot - 2¾" Diameter, 1⅜" Tall

1x Shucking Towel with Embroidered Culling Ring

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