The Oyster Dilemma (50 ICOs and 50 Wellfleets)

It's about time we added a package including oysters from two of the most famed oyster towns in Massachusetts. We've had plenty of customers who just can't decide. And, we get it. We have the utmost respect for both towns, oysters and growers, and we're excited to be able to let you try both at your next gathering. This package includes 50 Island Creek Oysters and 50 Wellfleets.

The Island Creeks are grown in Duxbury, MA - north of Cape Cod. Wellfleets are grown in Wellfleet, MA - almost at the end of the Cape Cod "arm" as we like to call it. If you take a boat from Duxbury almost due east, you'll hit Wellfleet (it's a fun ride).

Anyway, we'll let you decide which oyster you like better, but we're pretty sure you can't go wrong. 

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