Aunt Dotty Oysters from Saquish, MA

Farmer:  Skip Bennett

Location: Saquish, MA (on the other side of Duxbury Bay) 

Size: 1.5"-2" consistent cull

Farming Technique:  Despite being grown in the same body of water as the Island Creeks, these oysters are quite a bit a different.  They are grown off the bottom in various types of gear (mostly trays as pictured).  The site itself is exposed at low tide for much longer than the ICO farm, which makes the Aunt Dotty's a bit sweeter than the Island Creeks.

Unique Factor: We have jokingly call these "Skip's Reserves". The Aunt Dotty's are grown right off the deck of the Bennett family's off-the-grid cottage.  They're named Aunt Dotty Oysters after Skip's great aunt who lived in the cottage with her five children for most of the year. 

Salinity:  We'd give these a 6 out of 10 (a touch saltier than the Island Creeks) 

Flavor Notes: Delicate but complex flavor. Similar to the ICO's but sweeter and more buttery


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