Oyster of the Month Club

Many know that we sell oysters on-line. Few know that we sell three times that variety to the best chefs in the country. Oyster of the Month Club began because we wanted people to have access to these special oysters.  Every month we taste, we argue and we eventually settle on that month’s top pick. 

While the discussion can be contentious, one thing that isn’t is our understanding that we are offering the best, freshest and most unique oysters in the country. We love this program and it’s become a cornerstone of our approach - a rising tide floats all boats. 

Oyster of the Month is in 3, 6 and 12 month segments, and is about the best gift you could give to any ostreaphile. Speaking of gifts, this year any order placed in will get a free knife and a pretty package so your gift can look as impressive as the oysters will - whether it's for someone you love, or yourself.  

Welcome to the oyster renaissance. Welcome to Oyster of the Month.


The "Oyster of the Month" Club arrives the LAST THURSDAY of each month unless it's this month, it will arrive the Thursday before Christmas. If you place your order before the 13th, it will go out the same month. If the order comes through after the 13th, the membership will begin the following month!

We will email you once you purchase to confirm your membership. 

 *All oysters are subject to availability. We may need to sub out varieties depending on the status of the product and the farmer, but we do promise to send 50 quality oysters each month with information about each farm and grower. The examples in the video are representative of what we will be sending.*

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