Osetra Caviar 30g + 2 Dozen Oysters

Similar to our approach with oysters, we’re here to make caviar as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our promise is to be 100% transparent so you can trace these eggs from your table to the source.

Who makes it: Marshallberg Farm in Smyrna, North Carolina

Why we love it: Lustrous pewter with a snappy pop. Light, clean, floral and delicately umami flavors delight. Clean and Light. 

Why it’s unique: Marshallberg Osetra Caviar is from the Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii). It's one of the most expensive and highest grade caviars. Marshallberg Farm is run by a talented scientist and has very limited production, so their focus is razor sharp. When we spent time at the farm we were impressed by the quality and consistency of the eggs and the team's incredible attention to detail. 

Combined with 24 of our flagship Island Creek Oysters (selects) grown here in Duxbury Bay and we don't think it gets much better.

30 g serves 2-4 people

You Get:

30G Marshallberg Osetra Caviar (domestic)

24 Island Creek Select Oysters


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