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The Starter Pack - 2 Doz. Island Creek Oysters + shucking tools

2 Dozen Island Creek Oysters⁣
Shucking Knife⁣
Shucking Gloves⁣

Are you new to eating oysters at home? If so, we think it's time to put another badge on your sash - oyster shucking. This package is for everyone who is bi-valve curious but shucking shy and comes with just 2 dozen Island Creek Oysters, a pair of shucking gloves and our recycled ocean-plastic shucking knife.⁣⁣
Opening an oyster is actually quite easy when you have the right tools and the right teachers. Each box comes with detailed shucking instructions to show you the way. You'll master it, we promise. Before you know it, you'll be judging people for scrambling the meat or losing the liquor.⁣⁣ Seize the day, friends!

About Island Creek Oysters:

Our flagship oyster, grown right here in Duxbury, Massachusetts. We think you'll find these oysters are pretty near perfect.

Farmer: Skip Bennett (Founder of Island Creek Oysters)

Farming Technique: Island Creeks are nurtured in our hatchery for three months, grown in floating upwellers for three months, and put in a rack and bag system for three months. For the last twelve months of the grow-out process, they are bottom planted "free-range" on the mudflats of Duxbury Bay.

Unique Factor: Duxbury Bay has drastic 12-foot tides, which brings lots of new water loaded with food (algae) into the Bay, giving the oysters their unique, complex flavor.

Salinity: We'd give these a 6 out of 10 with lots of brine - brine being salt's earthy, more full-flavored cousin.

Flavor Notes: The quintessential East Coast oyster experience. With a highly segmented flavor profile, strong salinity up front gives way to vegetal, buttery richness and a long sweet finish. It doesn't get any better than this. These complex flavors are attributed to a life spent on the ocean floor, dug into the mineral rich mud of Duxbury Bay.

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