Idaho Springs White Sturgeon Caviar 30g + 2 Dozen Oysters


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A tin of caviar combined with oysters in one package - we don't think it gets much better.

You Get:

30g Idaho Springs White Sturgeon Caviar. Serves 1-2 people.
24 Ichabod Flats oysters from Plymouth, MA

Who makes it:  Idaho Springs in Filer, Idaho

How it tastes: The beads are a bouncy, glossy black that snap like the drupelets of a just-ripe blackberry. First bite reveals a bright clean salt with notes of delicate white cheddar [Smartfood popcorn, anyone?], and a fresh finish that dissipates after your first sip of Grüner Veltliner. It's an accessible White Sturgeon caviar that is simply easy to love.

Why it's unique: The Lemmons are rootin', tootin', craftsmen who balance producing an easy-to-love caviar, with 11 other fish farms and a custom dairy heifer and beef cattle feed operation. They also operate a 1.5-MW hydropower plant which provides more than enough clean energy to run their entire campus.

Story: Get ready for some real cowboy shit. Idaho Springs is a wild west success story in how communion with the land can be sustained for generations. The Lemmon family of Idaho Springs began farming along the banks of the Snake River three years before Idaho even became a state. They raised livestock and food crops, often trekking 3 days on horseback to deliver their harvest to miners in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains. It wasn't until the 1960's when George Lemmon [trouting pioneer and water master] first entered the world of aquaculture, growing the state's ubiquitous trout before farming sturgeon in 1984. In 2005 after a government ban on Beluga caviar, the Lemmons saw an opportunity to blast Idaho onto the domestic caviar map, and began producing caviar for the first time with local Idaho White Sturgeon.

Process: These Idaho White Sturgeon take anywhere from 8-13 years to reach maturity. The sturgeon are raised in small batches in long, narrow ponds fed by pristine spring water, resulting in caviar with a brilliantly fresh finish. Idaho Springs' facilities are intertwined with the wild landscape of Southern Idaho—a terrain dotted with hot springs, jagged peaks, and ancient lava flows. This close connection to nature can impact their harvesting window in the case of extreme weather conditions and season.

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