Island Creek 3 Dozen Sampler

The Island Creek Sampler is a great way to try all three of our own oysters grown here at Island Creek. 

You'll receive a dozen of each of the following varieties: Island Creeks, Aunt Dottys, Row 34s. 

(12) Island Creeks

Farmer:  Skip Bennett (Founder of Island Creek Oysters) and a small group of Duxbury growers

Location: Duxbury, MA

Farming Technique: Island Creeks are nurtured in our hatchery for three months, grown in floating upwellers for three months, and put in a rack and bag system for three months. For the last twelve months of the grow-out process, they are bottom planted "free range" on the mud flats of Duxbury Bay.  

Unique Factor: Duxbury Bay has drastic 12 foot tides, which brings lots of new water loaded with food (algae) into the Bay, giving the oysters their unique, complex flavor.  

Salinity:  We'd give these a 6 out of 10 with lots of brine - brine being salt's earthy, more full flavored cousin. 

Flavor Notes: The quintessential East Coast oyster experience.  With a highly segmented flavor profile, strong salinity up front gives way to vegetal, buttery richness and a long sweet finish. It doesn't get any better than this. These complex flavors are attributed to a life spent on the ocean floor, dug into the mineral rich mud of Duxbury Bay.  


(12) Aunt Dottys

Farmer: Skip Bennett

Location: Saquish, MA (on the other side of Duxbury Bay) 

Farming Technique: Despite being grown in the same body of water as the Island Creeks, these oysters are quite different.  They are grown off the bottom in various types of gear depending on where they are in their grow-out.  The site itself is exposed at low tide for much longer than the ICO farm, which makes the Aunt Dotty's a bit sweeter than the Island Creeks because of the well-developed adductor muscle that holds the shells together when it's out of water.

Unique FactorWe have jokingly called these "Skip's Reserves". The Aunt Dotty's are grown right off the deck of the Bennett family's off-the-grid cottage.  They're named Aunt Dotty Oysters after Skip's great aunt who lived in the cottage with her five children for most of the year. 

Salinity: We'd give these a 6 out of 10 (a touch saltier than the Island Creeks).

Flavor Notes: Delicate but complex flavor. Similar to the ICO's but sweeter and more buttery. Very easy to shuck.


(12) Row 34s

Farmer: Skip Bennett

Location: Duxbury, MA

Farming Technique: Despite being grown right next to the Island Creeks, these oysters are quite a bit different. A very special oyster with an interesting backstory that also inspired our Boston and Portsmouth restaurants.

Skip’s Bennett's first “pivot” from his original Island Creek Oysters. Skip has always grown the Island Creek seed (baby oysters) in off-bottom gear before bottom planting them at about 6 months old. Five years ago--in an attempt to show the 'hand of the grower' in the final product--Skip decided to leave the 34th row in the trays for the whole grow-out process. Hence the name Row 34’s.

Unique Factor: They are unique in that they grow right next to the Island Creek Oysters, yet never touch the bottom of the Bay, and actually taste different. A perfect example of merroir and of the innovation happening in our industry. These oysters were so good we named a restaurant after them.

Salinity: We'd give these a 5 out of 10 (a touch saltier than the Island Creeks) 

Flavor notes: The Row 34’s are a bit cleaner than the Island Creeks. Still briny, but less vegetal, earthy flavors because they are not bottom planted. Clean, crisp with mineral notes. A splash of saltwater.

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