SalterieOne Saltworks Sea Salt Golden Duo


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In the spirit of great collaborations, we have teamed up with the ladies at SalterieOne to bring you their incredible hand crafted salt made from our very own Duxbury Bay.  Start with incredibly clean water (filtered by millions of oysters every day) and then run it through a James Bond level filtration system, and you have quite possibly the cleanest, freshest and most delicious salt in the country.  You will be shocked at how much it tastes like our oysters - not shy on brine or minerality, and unmistakably oceanic in it's finish. 

This set features SalterieOne Classic Sea Salt, a gold-edged oyster shell salt dish (an, ahem, Island Creek Oyster) and a gold-tipped wooden spoon.  It's a unique, thoughtful, well-priced gift for just about anyone.  

WHAT YOU GET: One cork-topped glass jar filled with 1.8 oz of SalterieOne Sea Salt, one gold-rimmed upcycled Island Creek Oyster shell salt dish, and one gold-tipped wooden salt spoon.  Gift-wrapped in a clear bag.