The House Party: 50 Oysters + 50g Caviar + 2 lb. Shrimp

Fun Fact: Oysters can chill in the fridge for up to 10 days.

The House Party Pack includes 50 Island Creek Oysters, 50g of Island Creek Caviar, and 2lbs. of Billy Bennett's famous cooked shrimp - that's $330 worth of oysters, caviar and shrimp for $250! 

This is the good stuff! Island Creeks are our flagship oyster and the caviar is sourced domestically from our partners at Sterling, who have a long-standing reputation of excellence in the industry.

We love oysters, and we love caviar, but we love them even more together. If you've tried our oysters, you know how they take a gathering up a notch. Add caviar and you've turned the dial again, offering opportunity for sharing something delicious and totally unique. 

At our Duxbury Raw Bar, we serve caviar on everything from our oysters to potato chips to lobster rolls. You can dress it up or dress it down, but it adds amazing dimension to the simplest of accompaniments. Along with Billy Bennett's shrimp and (of course) our Island Creek Oysters, you get a little bit of everything for a small gathering or a dinner at home. 


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