Eider Cove Oysters from Bath, Maine

In the face of thousands of restaurant closures, we have made a significant portion of our product collection - normally only reserved for the nation’s best chefs and restaurants - available to order for delivery at wholesale pricing.

These oysters are available for delivery on Wednesday, March 18th, Thursday, March 19th, Friday, March 20th ONLY.

Farmer:  Peter Francisco

Location: New Meadows River in Bath, Maine

Size: 3+ inches

Farming Technique:  The farm is located just a stone's throw from Peter's house, a mere 100 feet off the rocky shoreline. The oysters are grown entirely in mesh bags at the surface, except for a winter stint in cages sunk to the bottom. This allows the oysters to stay safe below the frozen estuary surface.

Unique Factor:  Named for the Eider ducks that hang in the little cove where Peter’s floats are housed. Eider’s love oysters, but they haven’t quite figured out how to break into the bags they are kept in. Fingers crossed that they can’t, we want to keep these for ourselves!

Salinity:  We'd give these a 9.5 out of 10 - these are salty!

Flavor Notes: They have an upfront splash of Maine seawater which is followed by, stay with us, a mussel-like flavor and a hint of walnut bitterness. Complex! And delicious.

The cut-off for next day delivery is 3pm EST.


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