Adamas White Sturgeon Caviar 30g + 2 Dozen Oysters

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A tin of caviar combined with oysters in one package - we don't think it gets much better.

You Get:

30g Adamas White Sturgeon Caviar. Serves 1-2 people.
24 Ichabod Flats oysters from Plymouth, MA

Who makes it: Adamas in Pandino, Italy

How it tastes: In the words of our tasting team “These beads are INSANE”. Distinct, onyx beads with enough body for you to pop them on the roof of your mouth. There’s a pleasant, clean fat that stays on the pallet like a sip of fresh olive oil, reminiscent of a Castelvetrano. The salinity is fresh and refined thanks to the farms’ connection to the pristine Torno River. Imagine a smear of Adamas White Sturgeon on toasted bread rubbed with fresh garlic? Pure Italy, baby.

Why it’s unique: The Lombardy region is the one of the best for caviar production in Europe due to the pristine water sources coming from the Alps and natural aquifers.  

Story: After letting go of his strong hold on retail sales in Europe, Sergio Nanini was finally able to spend more time exploring his true passion, fishing. With his new found flexibility Sergio found himself at a Sturgeon fishing camp. The caviar was great but he ended up falling in love with the Sturgeon species itself. He believes that fishermen are the best people to operate fish farms because they truly respect the animals. His partner Matteo Giovannini is a fish farmer by trade and with this partnership they’ve created something truly special.  Like ICO, they are a family affair. These folks love the Sturgeon species and treat their caviar production as a luxurious by-product to their efforts of maintaining a species that probably would no longer exist without the help of their sustainable fish farm. As ICO continues to be at the forefront of aquaculture innovation it only made sense to work with a group that shares the same ideals in regards to producing caviar.

Process: For over 30 years, Adamas has been perfecting their craft by breeding and raising Sturgeon at their farm in Pandino. They use an open system sourcing pristine water from their aquifers as well as the near-by Tormo river. The water only cycles the system once and they take great care to ensure the water leaving is at the same quality as our drinking water. They utilize solar power for 100% of their energy needs on their farm as well as feeding their stock non-GMO feed. 

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