2016 Summer Farm Share

  • 2016 Summer Farm Share
  • 2016 Summer Farm Share
  • 2016 Summer Farm Share
  • 2016 Summer Farm Share
  • 2016 Summer Farm Share
  • 2016 Summer Farm Share

Interested in the 2017 Farm Share?

We are tweaking the 2016 Farm Share to make it is even more enjoyable for next season. It will go live on our website in the spring, but we welcome any questions you may have and below is a good starting point for what the 2017 farm share might look like (we reserve the right to make some changes though!). Email us at retail@islandcreekoysters.com if you have questions!


Bring the Island Creek home shucking experience to a new level this summer--become a member of the Island Creek Summer Farm Share.

After 3 successful years of the Island Creek Summer Farm Share we wanted to know how we could make what is already great, better – so we asked you! The feedback we received was broad and invaluable. We are making some adjustments to our farm share based on your compliments and criticisms. 

This year we will be including local-caught, sustainable finfish such as mackerel and skate in shipments throughout the summer. There will also be options to pick up your share at Row 34 in Boston, or Portsmouth!

There will be a web-based app that will allow you to update your shipping information on your phone, or your home computer instantly with just your order number and last name.

Recipes included in each shipment will be by the ICO team and our friends. They will be easy to follow, with easy to access ingredients and tools that you most likely already have in your home kitchen.

Shipments will be delivered on the last Friday of every month.

Quantities and products shipped in the past have included*:

June: 4 dozen oysters

July: 4 dozen littlenecks

August: 5lbs Razor Clams

September: 5lbs Steamers

October 5 1½lb lobsters.


There will also be a dozen oysters and other goodies sprinkled in each order throughout the summer. 


If you have any questions just email retail@islandcreekoysters.com 

Are you a former farm share subscriber and want a list of all the changes being made? Click here.

Shipping is included in the price!

*These products and quantities are examples and are subject to change.


Sorry, the 2016 Summer Farm Share is not currently available.

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