2015 Summer Farm Share

  • 2015 Summer Farm Share
  • 2015 Summer Farm Share
  • 2015 Summer Farm Share
  • 2015 Summer Farm Share

Bring the Island Creek home shucking experience to a new level this summer--become a member of the Island Creek Summer Farm Share.


What this entails:

-5 different shipments of the freshest seafood New England has to offer at the peak of each species' respective season.  Oysters, littlenecks, lobsters, steamers, razor clams with a sprinkling of odd goodies such as sea beans and periwinkles in each shipment.

-Orders ship once a month June-October depending on availability and quantity of product. Our dedicated customer service team will work with you to get your shipment delivered on the day that works best for you. For the past 2 years we have shipped on the last Thursday & Friday of each month, but this year we are going to revise that system to ensure you receive the freshest assortment of product possible throughout the entire summer.

-You can also opt for the main product in any shipment to be oysters (Endless Summer, Endless Oysters).

-A farm share membership handbook filled with recipes and photos for all products by notable chefs from New England and NYC.

-Elevated, one-on-one customer service through a dedicated phone line and email address.


Quantities and products shipped in the past have included*:


June: 4 dozen oysters

July: 4 dozen littlenecks

August: 5lbs Razor Clams

September: 5lbs Steamers

October 6 1½lb lobsters.


There will also be a dozen oysters other goodies sprinkled in each order throughout the summer. 


If you have any questions just email bryan@islandcreekoysters.com


Shipping is included in the price!


*These products and quantities are examples and are subject to change.


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