100-Count Bag - Wellfleets

  • 100-Count Bag - Wellfleets

Wellfleet is a famed oyster town; however, there are nearly a hundred small growers in Wellfleet and their oysters span the full gamut in terms of quality and taste. The reason for us selling these is simple: they are the best oysters coming out of Wellfleet grown by one of the most famous Wellfleet growers, who happens to be a lady. Kind of a nobrainer for us.

Barb has been a vocal member and luminary of the greater Cape Cod oyster growing  community (which consists of like 20 people) for as long we can remember. She has a  magnanimous personality and truly cares about her product and the industry. You might think  she was a celebrity if you came into town during the notorious Wellfleet Oyster Festival each  fall, but we just enjoy pulling off rte 6 with the tourists on the way into town each summer and  into her quiet shop she shares with her son and fellow grower Clint. She's always there waiting  with some dynamite product and a goody bag of candy for our van driver, Tommy.

The water in Wellfleet is slightly warmer and less salty than Duxbury. Grown  at the mouth of a creek running from a salt pond, these oysters, while still salty, are a bit more mild than some of our other oysters. They have both strong umami and vegetal qualities with a  well-defined adductor muscle and a nice texture.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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